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It’s your house. So why invite termites over for dinner? By not paying any attention to termites, that’s what you’re doing. Termites just love any building made out of wood, the way a dog might love a big, juicy steak. These social insects, which live in giant colonies, are a reality better faced up to than ignored. They’re always looking for a fresh house to devour. Yours may be next on their menu, but you don’t have to make it easy for them. Nu Era Pest Control has been protecting Tennessee homes from termite activity since 1998. You can trust our range of termite control solutions to give you the peace of mind that termite activity is under control on your property. And you will keep that peace of mind as long as Nu Era stays on the job.

  • We perform free termite inspections to see if there’s a problem
  • Then, we’ll keep your home or property under watch with our Term-Alert® termite monitoring program

So call Nu Era today, and never worry about termites again!

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